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Advocate, Educate, Volunteer

We’re looking for people to join our Board of Directors and/or become members of our organization.

Membership in The Arc of Augusta walks hand-in-hand with leadership, with service and with results! The Arc of Augusta is a membership based non-profit and it is through our membership that the Board of Directors is selected and elected. If changes are made to the chapters’ bylaws then the membership is informed and vote to approve or disapprove.

Membership also helps to sponsor an individual in attending our Day Support programs. Our policy is not to deny service to anyone regardless of their ability to pay, so we created the non-waiver sponsorship fund. Not every individual who attends our adult day support programs has the necessary funds to do so, as not everyone is fortunate enough to be a recipient of a Waiver. The sponsorship funds are matched to funds provided via grants.

Membership in the Arc of Augusta comes with very few privileges, there are no special offers for joining, but there is the knowledge that your membership enables our organization to move forward on very important issues that affect the individuals we serve. Ever since 2012 and the Department of Justice Settlement Agreement in Virginia gains have been made for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and The Arc has been in the forefront advocating for continued changes by the Commonwealth. Progress has been made and though it seems change is slow, it is change none the less. But we need to continue the work, we need to continue to grow our membership so that our collective voice grows louder, so that we are heard and when we speak as a group we get the attention of those in position to help us make the changes that are necessary. We need your voice to add to the others who have recently joined us or maintained their membership.

The different levels of membership available are:
-Advocate for The Arc $500 and up
-Gold Member $250 to $499
-President’s Club $100 to $249
-Friend of The Arc $50 to $99
-Family $30
-Individual $20

(Please use Mailing Address Line 2 if needed)