The Arc of Augusta

Januarys are typically a time of new beginnings, a time to look forward, a time to be a bit more hopeful than usual. Resolutions fill the air as everyone decides that this will be THE YEAR. The year to get in shape, the year to lose those ten pounds, maybe the year to finally join that Bible study. The possibilities seem endless as a fresh calendar gets placed on the wall and the focus is on the hope of the future and the new opportunities it brings. This January is no different. January 2nd marked my first day as an employee of The Arc. I had the privilege of working directly with The Arc when I was a support coordinator and saw first hand the grins shared between day program participants and The Arc staff. I still laugh when I remember the stories shared of fun times at the summer camp. Years later, after leaving my role as a support coordinator, I volunteered for the The Arc’s Board and served as Treasurer and most recently Secretary. I was a part of the board’s difficult decision to close the day program. It seems appropriate that my next role is now with The Arc as an employee and my first goal is to rebuild that community that was lost with the day program closing. See, The Arc has always been more than a building, more than a day program. The Arc is advocacy, community, support and resources. This year, as I take on the role of Co Executive Director, I’m embracing the excitement of new beginnings and looking for those opportunities that await. Join me this year and let’s make The Arc the organization it can be.


Tosha Berry

Co Executive Director

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