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Membership has always been important to The Arc of Augusta and we have seen membership hit highs and lows over our history, but membership in The Arc of August walks hand-in-hand with leadership,  service, and results!

In the past, membership has supported advocacy efforts and The Arc of Augusta in general, but in 2011 our Board of Directors elected to make a fundamental change. We are now devoting 100% of our membership fees to supporting our scholarship program. We recognize that not every individual who attends our adult day support programs has the necessary funds to do so and that not everyone is fortunate enough to be a recipient of an ID Waiver, and since we have a policy not to deny service to anyone regardless of their ability to pay, we created the non-waiver scholarship fund. In past years the scholarships have been funded by grants only, but now your membership fees provide direct support to individuals who need financial support to attend our adult day support programs. In 2012 we provided $4,000 in scholarships through membership fees. In 2013 one-third of our program participants are non-waiver, compared to just 5 in 2012.

To become a member of The Arc, fill out and mail us the membership form, with a check enclosed.



Your donation to The Arc goes to support our programs and advocacy efforts.


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Fundraiser for The Arc!!

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