Get out for The Arc – Coast to Coast




  1. Tammy Johnston says:

    The Arc of Augusta folks are the BEST!!!

  2. Erik Darm says:

    Go Tammy! Get out for The Arc!

  3. JULIE BOTKIN says:


  4. Prudy says:

    This arlctie went ahead and made my day.

  5. Claire Thompson says:

    Good luck with the detour Tammy…hope you enjoyed your stop For directions on our dairy farm

  6. Warren McKeen says:

    On October 28 we learned that as a result of the car accident, Tammy was admitted to a local hospital in San Antonio and was found to have two fractured vertebrae. Aside from her injuries she was ok, but unable to complete the journey she started. Her husband traveled to San Antonio and will be accompanying her home. We are all so proud of her and the grit she has shown on this trip to raise funds and awareness of The Arc and the local chapter, The Arc of Augusta and the people they serve. Thank you to everyone for the support and donations as Tammy embarked on this journey. It is bitter sweet that it has to come to an end this way.

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