Cross Country Bike Ride for The Arc!




Tammy Johnston, Advocate and Board Member of The Arc of Augusta.

On October 11, 2016, I will be attempting to cycle cross country to raise awareness for The Arc of Augusta and the services they provide for our local citizens with the most severe physical and cognitive challenges.

I am a retired Augusta County, Virginia teacher who had the pleasure of being able to teach these very special people for nearly 30 years.  My life has been blessed for this most precious experience!

For seven years I served on the Valley Community Services Board of Directors and worked during that time to encourage the development of a program for these most severely challenged students when they graduated from their school programs.  This never came about and when these students were no longer eligible for school services were home 24/7 with their families because there were no programs for them.

The only organization to step up at that time several years ago was The Arc of Augusta.   They developed programs for this population and have continued to provide quality programs to meet the needs of these citizens with such severe challenges, as well as their families.

My former students with, what I like to say, ABILITIES!!!! have found a HOME in The Arc of Augusta!!!

Please join me in raising awareness for The Arc of Augusta and the valuable services they provide!  They need a new place, vans, and so many things to meet the needs of nearly 40 of our most precious citizens.

“The way a society treats those most in need shows its degree of civilization”


When Tammy Johnston first broached the subject of a cross-country bike ride of 3,053 miles to raise both awareness and funding for The Arc of Augusta I was absolutely surprised and also amazed at the dedication to the individuals we serve by this extraordinary woman. Tammy is a very special person, a dedicated advocate, amazing volunteer and an active Board Member for The Arc. We plan to post information and updates on both our website and on our Facebook page about her ride and information about how to contribute and what those funds will used for.

Please join us and be part of the journey.

Warren J. McKeen

Executive Director



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