Board of Directors & Staff


2018 – 2019 Board of Directors


Sarah Norris, President Joined 2016 Parent Advocate
Tammy Johnston , Vice President Joined 2012 Advocate
Lisa Zwecker, Treasurer Joined 2010 Advocate
Deborah Creasy, Secretary Joined 2016 Parent Advocate

Directors at Large

Tosha Berry Joined 2019 Advocate
Stephen Bird Joined 2019 Advocate
Sasha Duke Joined 2018 Advocate
Amanda Sullivan Joined 2017 Advocate
Kim Wright Joined 2002 Self – Advocate



The Arc of Augusta Staff  (540) 943-1618

Administrative Staff

Warren J. McKeen, Executive Director
Jaclyn Miller, Program Manager

Program Staff

Mary Ellen Golden, Program Mentor
Jessica Thompson , Program Mentor
Tina White, Program Mentor
Frieda Stone, Program Aide
Jennifer Ruley, Program Aide